MVB: Catch assistant Josh Walker on ESPN1420 3:35 p.m. HST today

Sitting in for the Sports Animals, Dave Kawada and Tiff Wells replay their Podcast interview with Warrior assistant coach Josh Walker on air 3:35 p.m. HST Wed.

(Yes, like now!)

Also on the show will be former UH basketball player Jarinn Akana.

1420-AM will be on the road with the Warriors at UCI and UCSD starting Sunday 2 p.m. Believe it will be Josh Pacheco on the call.

Good to hear Walker. No news really, just confirming what has been discussed before. They will travel 13 players out of the 22 on the roster. Sounded like they’re still working on adding nonconference matches at home when UCI, UCSD, Beach come to Honolulu.

Walker said he was concerned about the cutouts in the arena, given how many times the ball will go into the stands. ‘-)