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A late catch-up with the BeachBows

Apologies. Had my second shot Saturday and I ended up not on the computer at all Sunday.

Hawaii’s and Cal Poly had a “friendly” pairs tournament on Sunday

From Beach SID Neal Iwamoto who had a long couple of days:

Cal Poly advanced two pairs to the finals of the double-elimination tournament. Kalee Graff and Vanessa Roscoe suffered an opening-round loss but navigated their way all the way through the elimination bracket and semifinals. Meanwhile, Piper Naess and Josie Ulrich took a more direct route to the finals with four straight wins. In the end, the finals were not played and the pairs were declared co-champions.

UH’s Lea Kruse and Harlee Kekauoha made the deepest run of any BeachBows pair making it to the semifinals after winning three of four matches. However, they ultimately fell short with a 21-16 loss to Naess and Ulrich. All matches during the tournament were played to one set.

Hawai’i concludes the reguarl season on the road at Alki Beach in Seattle. The weekend will start with the Husky Invitational Friday-Saturday as UH takes on Oregon, Portland, and host Washington.

Round of 15

  • Ilihia Huddleston-Kaylee Glagau (UH) def. Erika Foreman/Amanda Walker (CP) 21-12
  • Amber Igiede-Sabrina Hardisty (UH) def. Kalee Graff/Vanessa Roscoe (CP) 21-18
  • Piper Naess/Josie Ulrich (CP) def. Jaime Santer-Sydney Rau-Kim (UH) vs. 21-14
  • Amy Ozee-Eleonore Johansen (CP) def.Lily Johnson-Janelle Gong (UH) 21-8
  • Lea Kruse/Harlee Kekauoha (UH) def. Laurie McGrath/Marissa Harrison (CP) 21-13
  • Tia Miric/Delaney Peranich (CP) def. Riley Wagoner-Tiffany Westerberg (UH) 21-13
  • Sam Strah/Hannah Rogers (CP) def. Anna Maidment-Sofia Russo  (UH) 22-20
  • Emily Sonny/Jayelin Lombard (CP) bye

Winners Bracket Quarterfinals

  • Igiede/Hardisty (UH) def. Huddleston/Glagau (UH) 23-21
  • Naess/Ulrich (CP) def. Ozee/Johansen (CP) 21-17
  • Kruse/Kekauoha (UH) vs. Miric/Peranich (CP)  21-17
  • Sonny/Lombard (CP) def. Strah/Rogers (CP) 21-6

Winners Bracket Semifinals

  • Naess/Ulrich (CP) def. Igiede/Hardisty (UH) 21-14
  • Sonny/Lombard (CP) def. Kruse/Kekauoha (UH) 21-16

Elimination Bracket Matches

  • Graff/Roscoe (CP) def. Foreman/Walker (CP) 21-12
  • Santer/Rau-Kim (UH) def. Johnson/Gong (UH) 21-10
  • McGrath/Harrison (CP) def. Wagoner/Westerberg (UH) 21-16
  • Graff/Roscoe (CP) def. Strah/Rogers (CP) 21-13
  • Ozee/Johansen (CP) def. McGrath/Harrison (CP) 21-18
  • Huddleston/Glagau def. Maidment/Russo (UH) 21-14
  • Miric/Peranich (CP) def. Santer/Rau-Kim (UH) 21-13
  • Ozee/Johansen (CP) def. Huddleston/Glagau (UH) 21-13
  • Graff/Roscoe (CP) def. Miric/Peranich (CP) 21-14
  • Kruse/Kekauoha (UH) def. Ozee/Johansen (CP) 24-22
  • Graff/Roscoe (CP) def. Igiede/Hardisty (UH) 21-18

Championship Semifinals

  • Graff/Roscoe (CP) def. Sonny/Lombard (CP) 21-15
  • Naess/Ulrich (CP) def. Kruse/Kekauoha (UH) 21-16


  • Not played, Graff/Roscoe (CP) and Naess/Ulrich (CP) declared co-champions


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