Wow: Hawai’i 3, UC Irvine 2

Hawai'i Athletics graphic

Set 5 UH wins 15-13

9:42: Cowell with his 17th

9:30: UCI challenging a touch on Nsakanda’s attack. If call reversed it would be 4-4. Call overturned,

9:26: Akana Starting on OH. Thelle with ace, 1-0

Set 4: UCI wins 26-24

9:23: Cowell blocked On to Set 5

9:17: Hawaii has Thelle in the box. Gasman has not had a swing in Set 4

9:16: Solo block by Gasman, 2 kills by Parapunov. UH has tied it at 20. TO UCI

9:09: Hawaii now challenging that it was a back-row attack. UH wins the challenge. It’s 16-12. Hawai’i on serve.

9:05: Hawaii’i arguing that Schneidmiller was a back-row player but attacked from the front row., which should be a violation.

9:04: Seems the discussion is whether UCI is out of rotation. UCI is leading 17-11

8:59: Akana hits wide. UCI up 15-10 at the TTO

8:55: UCI up 11-5. Akana in for Humler

8:54: UCI up 10-5, Rosenfeld in for Voss.

8:52: UCI on a 4-0 run. It’s 9-5. TO UH

8:50: Slow-starting Parapunov with his 10th kill, reaches double digits in all matches this season.

Set 3: UCI wins 25-23

8:42: Cowell hits the tape and ball rolls wide. On to Set 4

8:39: Worsley aced, it hit the tape then Worsley’s chin. It’s 24-22 UCI. TO UH

8:34: UH on a 3-0 run, up 21-20. TO UCI. Parapunov with 8 kills, is No. 10 all-time at 1,200.

8:26: Deja vu all over again again. UCI leading at the TTO 15-14 on a hitting error by Voss.

Parapunov has tied Dejan Milandinovic for No. 10 all-time in kills with 1,198.

Set 2: UH wins 25-23

Cowell 9-1-13, Gasman 6-0-6, Voss 5-1-6, Parapunov 3-3-13

For UCI, Gillis 10-1-14, Schneidmiller 6-3-11, Sani 6-3-12, Nsakanda 5-3-10, Stadick 2-0-4

8:07: Parapunov with his third kill ends it

8:04: UCI holds off two set points, An ace pulls UCI to 24-23. TO UH

8:03: Call stands It’s 24-21

8:02: At 23-21, UCI hits wide. ‘Eaters challenging that. If it stands, UH serving for Set 2 at 24-21. If overruled, it would be 23-22

7:54: Hawai’i on a 4-0 run, last point on a kill by Cowell. It’s 18-15. TO UCI

7:49: Service error by Parapunov gives UCI the 15-14 lead at the TTO. Parapunov struggling 2-3-10

Set 1 UH 25-22

Cowell 4-1-7, Gasman 2-0-2, Parapunov 2-2-6 Voss 2-1-3

Gillis leads UCI 6-0-8

UH with 3-1 edge in blocks, 7-6 in digs. UCI 7 SEs to UH’s 1.

7:32: 7th service error by UCI gives Hawaii Set 1

7:25: Solo stuff by Cowell on Schneidmiller and an ace by Thelle puts Hawai’i up 20-17. TO UCI

7:20: Parapunov hits wide. UCI up 15-14 at the TTO.

7:04: Humler starting in place of Galloway (out ill, not COVID related. He’s not in the arena)

“Uncle Pat” Gasman’s Instagram has an update for anyone wishing to drop off lei for Saturday’s senior night

Fans can drop off lei for their favorite senior(s) at 2 p.m. at the Stan Sheriff Center security entrance

UC Irvine (2-11, 2-6) at No. 1 Hawai’i (13-0, 8-0 Big West), 7 p.m.


  1. CSUN no slouch…getting a little ahead, but would you say that UH & BYU are in the NCAA Tournament no matter what? Not sure how many at-large bids there are…

  2. UH certainly not running away from Irvine.
    Nice to see Humler playing.
    Don’t ever recall Gasman wearing a knee brace before.
    Where is Shea?
    Thanks for the tip on dropping off lei for the seniors. Wish the announcement was more formal from UH Athletics so more fans know.

  3. Here is a fun fact to distract from a lost third set…
    the last 8 NCAA men’s volleyball championships have involved four consecutive repeat champions: UCI, then Loyola, Ohio State, and most recently Long Beach State. Prior to UCI, the previous repeat champion was UCLA in 1995 and 1996, a gap of 16 years.

  4. Really had to dig deep for this one…I think in the long run it’s good for them to get pushed…I hope the blocking makes a return appearance tomorrow night…

  5. Second fun fact: tonite is the first match this season in which UH was outhit by its opponent: UCI at .417, UH at .370. First time any team has hit over .400 versus UH. Only twice this season has a team hit over .300 against UH, prior to tonite.

    Net net, the atrocious UCI service errors was the main differentiator. UCI was +3 in kills, -3 in attack errors, -1 in aces, and -8 in service errors vs UH. Net is 3 fewer points compared to UH, which is the cumulative net difference in set scores.

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