Hawai’i in NCAA Tournament as No. 1 Seed, updating rest of bracket

Hawaii is overall No. 1 seed as an at-large!

Pepperdine in as the second at-large

Waves play UC Santa Barbara in the quarterfinal

Interestingly that winner goes against Hawai’i in the semifinals so potential of an all-Big West semifinal

Opening round on Monday, May 3: Penn State (6) vs. Belmont Abby (7)

Winner of that match goes against Lewis (3)

BYU the No. 2 seed


  1. Great news! Thanks for updating…I started watching the video, but had to stop because that OTB guy was getting on my nerves…

  2. I never had a doubt UH would be in, and as the #1 seed. I think some fans fell into the recency bias trap while deemphasizing UH’s body of work to date, plus some 2018 bad memories. The real good news in all of this is that the selection committee appears to have minimized the use of RPI this year. The at-large selections and seeding more closely follow the AVCA poll. coincidentally.

    In any case, my concern is that UH hasn’t been playing its best volleyball in April, with three 5-set matches and a loss. As dominant as UH was against UCSB early in the season, they seem to be more inconsistent or just mentally unfocused lately. I hope the loss is a wake-up call to help focus the team going forward.

    • IMHO they might not have been as dominant as they were early on in part is because teams had more tape of them to analyze as opposed
      Committee does not take the AVCA poll into account, not one of the criteria
      Wade said this morning team will focus on being more foused. They leave next Sunday. COVID testing at OSU is going to be strict

      • No, the AVCA poll is irrelevant as relates to the committee, but it is good to see how the seeds reflect the opinion of a subset of the coaches.

      • I’m wondering if lack of possible focus really means they (the seniors) are burned out? To focus on being more focused, they gotta dig down and figure out why they are not focused, if that is the case!

        • It was something Wade said. That the players are normally more engaged. I don’t think the seniors are burned out. I think UCSD played out of its collective minds and Hawai’i didn’t play as well as they have. Couple of plays here and there and different story. Parapunov had an off night, Thelle kept trying to get him back in a rhythm, they were running the middle better and then went away from Gasman. UCSD had 10 aces but there were a number of UH overpasses that cost the Warriors an opportunity to score and the Tritons capitalized.

  3. It’s a bout time! I hope the Warriors will learn from their past performance and really settle down and be more focused. Maybe they were being too focused on the ultimate prize instead of the game in front of them. Much mahalos for the updates Cindy! Great header photo! Go Warriors!

    • Perhaps. Several of the guys had said given the choice of Beach or UCSB to play, they wanted Beach more to avenge 2019. There might have been some sort of letdown knowing it was UCSB, who they had an easier time with earlier. I doubt that focus will be a problem this week at practice

        • You have an amazing backyard! The colors are spectacular! I’d be spending a lot of time in my backyard with a scotch on the rocks, lol! Much mahalos for all you do!

          • The backyard is cool. Plus get a lot of birdlife. Ducks, ‘aku’u, ‘alae, both the keokeo and ulaula. and then there’s the occasional barracuda that breaches that makes things even more interesting

        • Your photos help me look forward to reading your blog! Always curious to see a new photo.
          A strong team shouldn’t get snared in head trips like that! The opponent is the opponent. Period.

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