FINAL: UC Santa Barbara 3, Pepperdine 1

Set 4: UCSB wins 28-26

7:31: Gauchos need four match points to end it, finishes it on a shot by setter McGarry. UCSB survives 20 SES

7:24: Gauchos take the lead back, 23-22. TO Pepperdine.

7:22: Service error by DeWeese, Pepperdine up 22-21

7:19:Pepperdijne wins challenge and goes on to 19-18 lead. TO UCSB

7:14: Momentum switches to Gauchos. UCSB up 18-16. TO Pepperdine

7:09: Pepperdine up 15-14 at the TTO on a UCSB service error

7:05: Really fun set. Back and forth. Pepperdine up 12-11

Set 3: Pepperdine wins 25-22

6:49: Kill by Wickens and Waves stay alive. On to Set 4

6:46: McFarland blocked, Waves up 23-21. TO UCSB

6:40: DeWeese with a kill and an ace, UCSB up 19-18. TO Pepperdine.

6:38: Two kills by McFarland ties it at 16.

6:36: A little confused since the TTO is at 15. but play-by-play says it was called at 14-12. Waves score four straight to take 16-14 lead TO UCSB

6:32: UCSB pulling away at 15-12 at the TTO. Live stats are off.

6:30: UCSB up 13-12. Match stopped for Waves’ libero Trey Cole cramping up.

6:24: Pepperdine challenging there was a touch by UCSB and not four hits on the Waves. To it is a replay since play blown dead. UCSB. up 9-8

6:18: Ace and McFarland blocked, Waves tie it 5-5

6:16: UCSB challenging a touch on the attack. At the moment it’s 2-2.

Set 2: UCSB wins 25-22

For the Gauchos, Randy DeWeese 15-3-22, McFarland 10-2-24, Wilcox 6-0-10

6:09: Waves hold off one set point but ends it with a Steele service error.

6:03: Pepperdine has pulled to 21-17. TO UCSB

5:58: UCSB up 19-13 in Set 2. TO Pepperdine

Randy DeWeese 12-0-14 early in Set 2

Gauchos hitting .667 in Set 2, leading 17-11.

Set 1: UCSB wins 25-23

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