What a ride: Congrats to the Warriors

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Box score finally posted

And really like this video from KHON’s Rob DeMello:

A couple of observations from tonight before heading to bed and then an early flight.

For Hawai’i to win Set 1 by 4 after having 6 service errors said to me that if they could just clean up their serving, the Warriors would dominate. Both teams ended up with 11 SEs, UH with 5 after Set 1, BYU with 8.

Thought Chaz Galloway and Guilherme Voss were the X-factors, both 6-0-9. Galloway was very erratic on Thursday and Voss has been very quiet. My thought is BYU sort of ignored them while focusing on Parapunov, Gasman and Cowell.

The Warriors’ serving rattled BYU, even Cougar coach Shawn Olmstead said as much.

Key was how Hawai’i handled Gabi Garcia Fernandez serving. GGF, with 42 aces this season, had 0 Saturday with 3 errors in just 11 serves. He never got on a run and Hawai’i sided-out very efficiently all night.

IMHO, watching BYU earlier this season, I didn’t see the fire that they had when they played at the SSC last year. If there was one play that said it all, it was when GGF bumped a free ball into the net, think it was Set 3.

Hawai’i also won a key challenge in Set 3. At 20-15, original call was that Parapunov hit long. I never got the confirmation of whether the challenge was a touch or a net violation (I thought I saw a touch by the BYU back-court player before ball landed out). Whatever it was, Hawai’i was successful. Instead of 20-16, it was 21-15. Warriors closed it out 4-1.

Named to the all-tournament team were Parapunov (MVP), Gasman and Thelle from Hawai’i, Wil Stanley and Garcia Fernandez from BYU. Those were the only names I caught.

I don’t know about you but am bothered that UH is calling this its first national title  I guess it’s technically true but I fell it’s disrespectful to the players to won that 2002 championship. But that’s just me.

It was quite the ride and I’m really happy for these guys. I will miss them. They were a special group.

Have a good night. Probably won’t post again until after getting back to Hawai’i late Monday. Aloha for now.


  1. GGF’s free ball into the net was indeed in the 3rd set. As for the challenge, it was determined to be a net violation. Really proud of the team! And what a ride this was! Going to really miss this senior class!
    Thanks Cindy for all you do in keeping us fans in the loop!

  2. You’re right Cindy about the 2002 team. The comment from the announcing team: “We know who won!”

  3. You’re right about the 2002 team. The comment from the announcing team: “We know who won!”

    • aloha Dr. Pete. Didnt hear the announcers but sounded like Paul was in agreement with me. This was coming out of UH sports information releases. Thought it so disrespectful

  4. Great job through the whole season Cindy! All of us fans are very appreciative of the hard work you put into this and keeping us updated! Safe trip and rest easy! Go Warriors!

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