ESPN Honolulu Talk Story with Joe Worsely; Cowell returns to Maui

ESPN Honolulu’s play-by-play announcer Tiff Wells interviews former Hawai’i All-American setter Joe Worsley. Worsley shares stories about growing up with brother Gage, his time with the Warriors, creating Out of System podcast, thoughts on the recent national championship, and his successful pro career in Europe.

Maui News photo Colton Cowell speaks to the crowd of well-wishers, friends, family and supporters who welcomed him home Thursday at Kahului Airport.

Nice job by the Rob Colias of the Maui News on the return of Colton Cowell to Maui for the first time in months.

“I’ve never felt more honored in my entire life,” Cowell said. “These people, they really have raised me, this is the community that has been the backbone for my development for so many years. This is more than I could have ever asked for.”