Ljungqvist leaving; I am on DL

Hawaii coaches Robyn Ah Mow and Angelica Ljungqvist watching practice in 2019

An accident has left me unable to really type much Please check my Twitter for updates


Excuse the typos I am using the talk to text function to post this

Hawaii athletics has just announced the departure of associate head indoor and head beach coach Angelica Ljungqvist As of July 20 she is returning to Sweden for family reasons

Very sorry to see coach Ang leave

have enjoyed getting reacquainted with her the past few years after seeing her grow so much when playing for the wahine in 1993 through 96




  1. She did wonders with our middles! I watched, as a middle came off the playing floor and always sat by her… They seemed to have an animated conversation and the middle would leave, smiling! That’s coaching… Mahalo!!

  2. Take care Cindy. Hopeful for a speedy recovery.

    They very best to Coach Ang. Hope all goes well at home for her.

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