Final: USC 3, Hawai’i 1

Set 4: SC wins 25-23. 

9:30: Van Sickle blocked to end it. SC with 13 blocks. Van Sickle took 57 of UH’s 147 swings.

9:27: Leoniak with an ace. It’s 24-23. TO SC.

9:25: Kill by Williams, it’s 24-22. Leoniak in to serve. But SC calls TO first.

9:24: De Goede blocked but UH challenging a net violation on SC. Call stands. SC serving for the match at 24-21.

9:21: SC up 23-21. TO Hawai’i.

9:16: Orignal call stands. UH pulls to 18-17. First hitting error for Denny.

9:14: SC challenging a net violation by UH on Wahine block of Denny.

9:12: Low set to Kiraly. It’s 18-16. TO UH

9:06: Call stands. It’s 14-13. Van Sickle with her 12th kill. UH up 15-13 at the TTO

9:05: It will be interesting. The replay monitor is out. UH challenging that Van Sickle’s tip landed in. At the moment UH up 14-13.

8:55: Call reversed. it’s 4-2.

8:53: SC challenging a touch on Schirmer’s attempt. Hmmm, replay monitor not working to they are going to TV monitor. If it stands, UH would be up 5-1

Set 3: SC finishes it out 14-2 to win 25-22

8:45: Not good. Gotta feel sorry for BVS. Hastings with the ace, ends it.

Taking basically every serve. 8:37: Bad rotation. Not like Botkin serving tough. But Hawai’i unable to run middle. SC on a 7-0 run. It’s 20-18. TO UH

8:36: SC continues to serve Van Sickle. Very good strategy.

8:33: It was 20-11. SC has cut it to 20-14. TO Hawai’i.

8:27: SC has switched setters, bringing in Tuaniga (at 12-6). Her net violation makes it 16-10. TO SC

8:15: Hawai’i on a 5-0 run, helped by three hitting errors from Botkin. It’s 6-1. TO SC

8:07: SC challenging a touch on Botkin’s attack. Call stands and Hawai’i keeps the 4-1 lead

Set 2: SC responds with a 25-16 win

Women of Troy doubled up on the Wahine in kills, 18-9. SC hit .342 to UH’s .079.

8:05: Hawaii’s has had no answer for Candice Denny who is 6-0-9, 5-0-6 in Set 2. She puts down her sixth kill to end it.

7:53: Kate Lang into set. Akana in as well, in for De Goede on the double sub.. Akana with the kill and it’s 13-8.

7:51: SC pulls away at 13-7. TO UH. UH Wahine with only 3 kills, 3 errors, hitting .000.

7:41: Mia Johnson in serve-receive instead of Wagoner and SC targets the freshman. She has an overpass and was aced. SC up 4-0. TO UH.

Set 1 UH wins 25-21

7:36: Igiede and De Goede stuff Schirmer to end it.

7:31: Byrd with an ace that froze the SC serve receive. It’s 23-18. TO SC

7:27: It was 19-13. SC has scored three straight. Bryd blocked on the dump shot last play. It’s 19-16. TO UH

7:22: Igiede with the ace. It’s 17-12. TO SC

7:19: Second service error in as many attempts for Tuaniga makes it 15-12 for UH at the TTO

7:09: SC looking very flat. UH didnt have a kill but up 5-2. Two kills by Igiede makes it 7-2.

7:03: Same starters as Friday for the Wahine: Van Sickle, Igiede, Wagoner, Byrd, Ikenaga, Kiraly, De Goede. For SC, Women of Troy going back to their senior setter Lazaro over freshman Tuaniga.

6:22: SC 6-2 Jr. OH Kalen Owes, who came off the bench Friday for 10 kills and 3 BA in final three sets, is out for Saturday’s match. Not medically cleared to participate.

6:17: Just as the Wahine returned for the Bruddah Iz intro of Ua Mau … SC began its stretching routine already did that and are in other drills.

6:16: Very interesting that with 40 minutes left on warmup clock, USC has yet to come on the court. Their coach dropped by to chat. He was not happy about Friday.

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  1. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I don’t expect De Goede to have a good match and I don’t think Kiraly will be able to execute the slide very well. My prediction of what adjustments USC will make. I hope Igiede has a big game, and and OH not named Van Sickle shows up. We need the passing and setting to improve tonite. I hope for another big win.

    • it’s why the play the game. We’ll have to see how the freshmen do on a second consecutive night.
      SC going with their senior setter but their coach said there will be a short leash.
      I wonder how SC will respond.

  2. well, Anna not having a great second night. surprisingly, de goede is…a lot of van sickle’s cross court shots are being dug; wagoner doing everything except making kills; kate came, kate set, kate sat down again; if USC could serve, this would be a different match

  3. Nowhere to go except down. On a positive note, de Goede is a real surprise. Hits powerfully and terminates. Glad to see her play so well

    • That is not what I meant. No need to be so negative. Setter had few choices. Van Sickle taking a lot of swings. Set to BVS several times during a rally, then predictably went right and SC had a block. Couple of times block deflected and ball went one way.

  4. Not being so negative. Fact is UH blew that set 3. Very very difficult for a young team to come back from such a result. Here’s the issue: too many sets to BVS and USC is keying on her. No one else is stepping up at OH.

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