UCSB spoils UH’s senior night, Gauchos win 3-2

Set 5 UCSB win 15-12

9:46: Ohwobete with her 13th kill ends it. First time Gauchos have swept the series from the Wahine since 1993. 
Wahine had tied at 10. Gauchos now up 13-10. TO Hawai’i

9:37: Play stands. UH trails 8-7
UCSB challenging a net violation on UH. At the moment, it’s 8-7 UCSB lead following a Kill by Wagoner. 
Van Sickle with her 17th kill. UH on a 3-0 run, pulls to 8-6. TO UCSB
Not the best night for Igiede. Call for a net violation. It’s 6-3. TO UH

In case you’re wondering, UCSB is 1-5 in 5-setters. The Gauchos opened the year 1-6 with five of those losses in 5. UH is 1-1, lost at Utah Valley, beat CSU Fullerton.

Set 4 UH wins 25-20
Williams and Lang team to block Bross. on to Set 5
Two blocks of McKnight and Hawai’i up 22-19. TO UCSB. Wagoner on serve.
Ikenaga aced. UCSB has closed to 19-18. TO UH
UCSB called for a lift, and setter is arguing it. but it was a pretty ugly backset. UH up 19-16. TO UCSB
Van Sickle with 2 kills, including one off a set by Williams. UH up 15-13 at the TTO. 
UH should have challenged that one. Don’t think there was a touch.

Set 3 UCSB holds on, 25-23

8:47: It was 23-23. Froley with her 7th kill, then Igiede blocked for UCSB’s 12th stuff. 
Ikenaga with her first kill, a dig-kill that ties it at 22. TO UCSB. Hawai’i on a 6-1 run. Gong still serving. 
Igiede with a solo block, UH closes to 21-19. TO UCSB. Ikenaga on serve. Leoniak had made a brief appearance, served wide when subbing for Igiede. Kiraly also made a brief appearance for one rotation for Williams. 
8:36: UCSB with its 11th block, takes 20-16 lead. TO UH

8:29: UCSB up 15-13 at the TTO After calling things pretty tight, up ref Jesse Martinez has left a couple doubles go on UCSB setters. 
in Set 2, UCSB had an 19-10 edge in digs.
IMHO Things started to fall apart after uh was leading 13-8. It looked to be 14-9 but UCSB won the challenge to make it 13-10. UH did led 20-18 and got stuck in that rotation.

Set 2 UCSB wins 25-21
Wahine hold off 1 set point but not a second, Gauchos finish it out on a 7-1 run. 
8:06: M
ehana Ma’a has served Gauchos to a 24-20 lead. TO UH. Wahine stuck in a rotation with a front-row setter and Igiede and Van Sickle in the front.

8:03: Gauchos on a 3-0 run, last two points on UH unforced errors. UCSB with 21-20. TO UH

7:54: UH loses challenge. It’s 13-10. 
Call overturned, it’s 13-10. BUT UH challenging that UCSB was into the net on the same play.

7:50: UCSB challenging whether block hit a Gaucho player before it went out. At the moment UH up 14-9.
Van Sickle with the stuff. It’s 13-8. TO UCSB

7:38: UCSB Issued a yellow card by up ref for arguing excessively. UH up 6-5.
Set 1 UH wins 25-18
Might have been a touch on Ohwobete but UCSB doesn’t challenge. UH wins on second set point. 
Wagoner with her 8th kill. UH up 21-15. TO UCSB
Van Sickle with her 36th ace of the season. It’s 18-13. TO UCSB
Wahine up 15-12 at the TTO. Wagoner impressive so far, 6-0-10. Wahine hitting .455 (12-2-22), UCSB hitting .438, 8-1-16.
Starting lineup
No change for the Wahine: Van Sickle, Igiede, Wagoner, Williams, Lang, Westerberg, Ikenaga
Live stats:

on a side note, and maybe I’m being picky, but UCSB came out early for warmups while the arena crew was still changing over from basketball to volleyball configuration and putting up the net. Gauchos tried to serve over the net while crew was still measuring and getting it right, as well as rolling balls under the net while crew was on the centerline. Crew was overly accommodating but finally told the players to wait a few minutes until they were done. IMHO it was just rude behavior by the visitors.


  1. Wagoner is taking a third of the swings and hitting .171. She needs to do better. And she’s gotten some good sets but is not terminating.

    • I think when Igiede wasn’t having the night she has been having, it threw things off. Plus a couple of poor decisions by Lang. Hawai’i got predictable Wahine outblocked 16-14.

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