Reverse sweep Hawai’i 3, USC 2 for UH program 1,300th win

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attendance: 6191 tickets, 4,925 turnstile

Set 5 UH wins 15-8
Lang and Igiede stuff Westke to end it. 
Wagner goes line. It’s 12-7. TO SC. Ham still on serve.

9:40: Wagner with authority then taps back an overpass. It’s 10-7. TO SC
UH up 8-7 at the crossover. Igiede has 4 of the Wahine’s 6 kills this set

Set 4 UH wins 25-16
Alexander’s cross court lands in the back corner. UH wins 25-16
UH was up 22-12 and 23-13. SC closes to 23-16. TO UH
UH up 11-4. TO SC
Call overturned, it’s 8-4. Now 9-4 on an ace by Alexander
UH challenging that SC was into the net. otherwise Wilson’s kill would pull UH up 7-5
Fields blocked then hits long. UH up 5-1. TO SC. Prior to her two errors, Fields was 17-1-34
Set 3 UH wins 25-22
UH holds on. Akana and Igiede team up for a block of Wilson to end it.

8:49: Uh oh. UH was up 23-18 (shades of UCLA) and just as happened with the Bruins, a service error gives SC its 19th point. It’s now 23-20. TO UH. Not a good deja vu. 
Call overturned. it’s a replay. UH up 22-17
UH challenging that Alexander got the ball up on serve. At the moment UH up 22-18 with the SC ace.
UH extends its lead to 17-12. last when Lang wins a joist. TO SC
Call stands, it’s 15-12 SC has one challenge left, as does UH
SC challenging that there was a touch on Wilson’s attack. As it stands UH is up 15-12 at the TTO on a 6-0 run behind Ham’s serve.

Set 2 SC wins 25-21
Probably not the best decision by Lang. Set Alexander from the 3 meter, hits into the net
Ace by Lang has UH within 23-20. TO SC
Call stands. It’s 22-16. Hawai’i down to one challenge. 
After a Lang dump, Wagoner serves what looked to be in. Up ref says out. Ah Mow challenging. At the moment it’s 22-16. 
it was 13-13. SC on 8-1 run, UH’s only point an SC service error. 
out of the TTO SC gets a kill by Wilson and Lang two-hands it into the net. It’s 17-13. to uh
7:57: Hawai’i had an 11-8 lead. SC goes on a 5-0 run behind the serves of Field for a 13-11 lead. Wahine tie at 13 but SC uses a UH serving error and a block of Wagoner to take a 15-13 lead at the TTO

Set 1: USC wins 25-22
Big swing by Wagoner but hits into the net. Probably better off to have played it safe and just two hand it over. 
Hawai’i hold off one set point on a block by Wagoner and Westerberg. It’s 24-22. De Goode Back in for Akana. 
Tip by Weske makes it 23-21. TO UH. De Goode in for Akana. Ham in the backrow for Alexander
USC breaks an 18-18 tie with kills from Fields (6-1-10) and Wilson (3-4-9). Up 20-18. TO UH. Wahine with just 6 kills combined, 3 from Wagoner, 2 by Akana, 1 by Igiede. 
UH up 15-14 at the TTO. UH with just 3 kills but 3 blocks. USC with 12 errors, 7 hitting, 5 SE
through one rotation, UH up 9-7, despite having just one kill.
7:10: UH goes on  with a 4-0 run, up 4-1 behind serving run by Igiede.

Spoke with USC coach Brad Keller pregame. He said the team begged him to stop for malassadas at Leonard’s. He said no sugar before the match. They were driving up Kapahulu, he passes Leonard’s, then does a U-y and goes into parking lot, tells them “Just one.”

No change in starting lineup for UH: Igiede, Wagoner, Lang, Westerberg, Edmonds, Ikenaga, Alexander. Akana

Hawaiian Airlines Volleyball Series
Saturday, 7 p.m. HST
SimpliFi Arena t Stan Sheriff Center
USC (5-2) at Hawai’i (2-5)

TV: Spectrum OC16
Radio: 1420-AM/92.7-FM (NO PREGAME)
Live stats:

Live stream (blacked out in Hawai’i) or ESPN+ $9.99 monthly


  1. Thank you for answering my question last night Cindy! It’s too bad Wagoner is starting tonight. Her tip shots never work, when it works for the other team. I guess passing trumps hitting. Looking forward to a better match tonight.

    • Wagoner is the team captain. She’s going to sit. don’t blame her for all the hitting errors. She takes the trouble sets and sometimes has no where to go but into the block. sometimes the tip shots are the only option for her.

  2. Great call Cindy!!!!!! Reverse ekahi, elua, ALOHA!!! Hopefully this will be a turning point for Wagoner and the team.

  3. Also, I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t stick up for Riley… She has been the best hustle player defensively on the team since she was a frosh. Thank heavens for her high school coach instilling that in her. And she hasn’t lost it. She still goes after and covers a bunch of balls others don’t. And while her hitting was inconsistent and lacked power her first year, she has worked hard to improve that and is now a reliable go-to at OH1.
    And I certainly trust Robyn’s opinion over “Scott”‘s as to who has what it takes to help the team win. I figured we’d see Chandler in the rotation as well, but apparently none of her skills (passing, serving, hitting, blocking) are better than those of the individuals who have been playing!

  4. I sit near a naysayer complainer who was going off on #6. He and his daughter are so mature they left early on Friday. I was upset with him so I wanted to see the statistics but couldn’t find them but going down the line, I found an article that named the top 3 players in different categories. Riley was in the top three for kills, digs, blocks, and another category. Sometimes we just look at her to hit but she is doing other things to help the team. Once I was frustrated and looked at the Jumbotron and thought…where did she get 11 kills? We are often lost in our world and see what the players do not do rather than see what they do.

    • When you look at the errors from Wagaoer on Friday, many forget that those were trouble sets and she is the designated “bail-out-er” I like how aggressive she is on the off-sets. She takes full swings when others would bump it over or two-hand it. Maybe not the best choice every time but at least that is her mindset.

  5. It was a great comeback on Saturday; Riley made up for her Friday match glitches. The greatest factor that lead to their success is their effort and “not giving up” attitude. Kudos go out to the passing, defensive digging, and hitting coverage of scrappy backrow specialists. When you see your players layout on the court to get the ball, it motivates the team. Riley is a good, serious leader, but we need an uplifting voice whose positive energy will transcend to every player both on and off the court.

  6. Good points and respect everyone’s opinion. Forgot to take into account that the passing was really bad on the first night of the USC game and that Wagoner was the one as the go to person taking all those swings because that’s the only option Lang and Byrd had.

    I guess volleyball is a simple game… for the most part if the passing is good you will win most of your games. Thanks everyone… This was a fun conversation. Hopefully this team will continue to improve and win that Big West title again.

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