Fan Friday: ESPN’s Talk Story with Bailey Choy; sad there’s no Big West volleyball

The rest of the country is opening the women’s volleyball season today except for the Big West and the Ivy League. Still don’t understand the decision. The conference has continued to prioritize basketball (which is continuing to cancel games) over a sport that once had the conference acknowledged as a national power, winning 6 of the first 9 NCAA titles: Hawai’i 82-83-87, UOP 85-86, Long Beach State 89. (Hawaii’s first two titles were as an independent).

Someone had asked me why men’s volleyball but not women’s. We’re still waiting on the Big West to make it official, a week after its Board of Directors voted for spring sports to be held. Numbers? Easier to manage 6 men’s teams vs. 11 women’s? I do wonder if the BWC hadn’t changed its administration with a number of top officials retiring, including the commissioner, if this would have happened. It makes no sense.

But anyway

ESPN Honolulu volleyball play by play announcer Tiff Wells has his weekly Facebook feature today on former Wahine setter Bailey Choy, catching up with her as she finishes her master’s and her plans for the future.

Live at 10 a.m. HST. Replay available later.



  1. Look forward to listening to Bailey.
    Just hope the short sighted, horrendous, narrow minded decision RE women’s volleyball season will be reviwed to learn from contradictory action. Let them play!!! There is still time for a Big West season.

  2. Much mahalos for the link, Cindy! Thoroughly enjoyed the Bailey interview. We really miss her and her skills on the court! It is really sad and confusing about why some sports can play but others cannot. Totally not fair!
    Any news about what’s to become of last year’s seniors? Will they get an extension?

    • They seniors are supposed to get an extension based on what was announced last fall. I am not sure now how it is impacted since everyone else is playing VB. The Big West likely will have to get it cleared through the NCAA. Having an interview with Ljungqvist next week. will check on that.

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